Auto Screenshot Maker

Auto Screenshot Maker v2.0

Auto Screenshot Maker is a screen capture tool for Windows users....

Auto Screenshot Maker is a screen capture tool for Windows users. In just a single click or hotkey press, you can make a perfect screenshot for a website, user manual, or a presentation.

The tool captures full screen, active window, selected region ? anything! The captured image can be saved to most popular formats, such as BMP, JPEG, PNG, or saved as Microsoft Word document, which is really nice if you are writing the ?

How-To? document. The program offers the following features: Capture exactly what you need: full screen; active window; selected region; Saves captured image exactly as you need: as an image file (using most used graphics format - BMP, JPEG, PNG); as a Microsoft Word Word document; Jump-start your HOW-TO reference in seconds ?

Auto Screenshot Maker is able to output captured images into a single Microsoft Word document, so the only thing you need to do is to add annotations; Capture a series of screens automatically ?

Auto Screenshot Maker lets you capture the action on the screen in a series of snap shots made over a predefined period of time (e. g. 10 seconds); Remove duplicates automatically ?

Auto Screenshot Maker checks if the current screen shot is similar to the previous and removes the duplicate automatically, so that you don`t have to do it yourself.

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Auto Screenshot Maker


Auto Screenshot Maker v2.0

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